A Bathroom Transformation and Laundry Addition You May Not Believe!

When Watertown homeowner Cheryl McGrath decided to renovate her bathroom and add a laundry room, she decided it was time to go BOLD or go home. “More is more!” is how she describes her design aesthetic. Well, we sure want “more” projects like this because we think it turned out beautifully!

Before, the original bathroom didn’t have a shower. The fact that it was large is the most positive thing we can say about it.

Cheryl lives in a two-story condo in Watertown with her daughter and her terrier-mix rescue, Athena. The original bathroom was … well … ”dated” doesn’t do it justice. From the drop acoustic tile ceiling to the pink sink and matching toilet, this bathroom was anything but “spa”-like, but that’s what Cheryl hoped to have by the end of the renovation. Plus, the only shower was on the first floor of the condo – not convenient when the bedrooms are upstairs.

Cheryl did her research and landed on Custom Contracting for the renovation. “Bill Farnsworth and the rest of his team were delightful to work with through the whole process,” she says. Even when there were short delays due to supply chain issues, Cheryl reports that the level of communication she had, specifically with CCI’s in-house design Hannah Wirtz or Project Manager Tyler Beauregard, was “stellar.”

The first step was to raise the ceiling. In fact, there turned out to be plenty of room above the drop-ceiling that was being wasted. Next, the design called for a unique shower with a center-entrance. To the left are the shower faucets and valves in a beautiful brass finish. To the right are storage shelves. “We ladies have a lot of shower products!” Cheryl laughs.

The finishes Cheryl chose are stunning – especially the ceramic tile in shades of blue which Cheryl says reminds her of a swimming pool and where you can “wash away the stress of the day.” Plus, with this shower layout, there’s plenty of space to wash Athena and use it as a “doggie spa.”

Everywhere you look are little design touches that reflect Cheryl’s love of nature, including on the delicate brass wall hooks.
Cheryl originally fell in love with an $8k faucet she found online! Hannah directed her to a much more reasonable, yet still gorgeous, option that also met MA code guidelines.

Laundry Room Addition

The bathroom was just the first half of this remodeling project. Next up was the addition of a laundry room. The shared laundry space in Cheryl’s condo just wasn’t working for anyone, forcing Cheryl and her daughter to spend hours at the local laundromat. Luckily for her, the CCI team “found” space under the eaves that wasn’t living up to it’s potential.

It took a lot of imagination to see that this eave space could be turned into a functional laundry room.

Tyler and the crew fully opened up the space and finished the walls. But simply painting the space wasn’t going to work for Cheryl. “I’m originally from Florida. When I saw the flamingo wallpaper, I knew I had to have it.” We think the bold pink flamingos are perfect!