Spring into Green Renovations

Here in New England, spring marks the beginning of warmer temperatures, longer, lighter days – and also the start of construction season! A sure sign of spring is seeing trucks lined-up outside of your neighbor’s homes as remodelers approach their busy season.

With the pick-up in the economy, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) says more and more clients are in the market for home improvement projects and are demanding a green facelift for their homes.

The benefits of green remodeling include:

  •  Reducing operating costs in the home by increasing efficiency;
  •  Conserving natural resources;
  •  Increasing the value of the home;
  •  Reducing waste;
  •  Reducing emissions costs;
  • Improving comfort;


You can help offset the price of remodeling by using energy efficient products that offer substantial savings in energy costs over the life of the appliance.

Let’s begin at the heart of any home—the kitchen. If you are ready to replace your older model appliances, shopping for the ENERGY STAR certified models is a great place to start.

Dishwasher technology has improved dramatically over the last decade. New ENERGY STAR certified models include several innovations that reduce energy and water consumption and improve performance, including:

  • Soil sensors test how dirty dishes are throughout the wash and adjust the cycle to achieve optimum cleaning with minimum water and energy use.
  •  Improved water filtration removes food soils from the wash water allowing efficient use of detergent and water throughout the cycle. The final clean-water rinse assures your dishes come out sparkling.
  •  More efficient jets use less energy to spray detergent and water over the dishes when cleaning.
  • Innovative dish rack designs maximize cleaning by strategically situating the dishes.

Because of the recent improvements in insulation and compressors, today’s refrigerators use much less energy than older models. In fact, ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are required to use about 15 percent less energy than non-certified models.

By properly recycling your old refrigerator and replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can save up to $1,100 on energy costs over its lifetime.

And as an added bonus, recycle that old second refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement and NSTAR will pick it up for free and give you a $50 rebate. You’ll save energy, money and help keep these materials out of landfills and recycled into new products.

Replacing lighting throughout your home with energy efficient lights like LEDs and CFLs provide the same amount of brightness as standard bulbs and use much less energy.

Customers can expect to save up to $10 per year per incandescent bulb they replace. NSTAR customers may be eligible for special pricing on eligible Energy Star certified CFLs and LED bulbs.

Weather stripping and insulation is not just for winter months! During the warmer months, sealing sources of air leaks and adding insulation to attics and walls can help hold in the cool by keeping hot outside air from seeping in.

A no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment can help customers identify money-saving energy improvements like 75 percent off the cost (up to $2000) of installing additional insulation and air sealing. Customers may also qualify for a zero-interest loan through the Heat Loan Program.

While remodeling can be expensive, you can help offset the price by using energy efficient products that offer substantial savings in energy costs over the life of the appliance. And check out any rebates or incentives that may be available when you make an energy efficient upgrade.

One more added benefit? Peace of mind and peace at home with quiet running appliances that may improve the quality of your dinner conversation.


(original article from NSTAR)