CCI Team Member News

Preparing the Next Generation

According to many reports, an aging workforce is an issue in the remodeling industry. We’re doing our part to improve the situation by grooming young carpenters in the Custom way to become productive, effective and experienced craftsmen.

When possible, we like to offer this opportunity to family and friends of our existing workforce, which contributes to the “family” environment here at Custom. Two recent additions to our production staff provide examples of this commitment:

Justyn Atwood, a cousin of Bill Farnsworth, joined Custom in 2015. He grew up around the carpentry and remodeling business, watching and helping members of his family in the trade.

TJ Kane, a long-time friend of Scott Blain’s family, joined our team this year. He brings experience gained in the trade working for various family members over the years.

Justyn and TJ’s work ethic, skills and attitude have made them a great fit at Custom.