A Dedicated Team Is the Key to Our Success

President Bill Farnsworth, general manager Scott Blain.Outside of quality of work, price has traditionally been the most critical variable for homeowners evaluating general contractors.
In Eastern Massachusetts today, however, availability may well have moved ahead of price.


In the March newsletter, we wrote about the challenges of finding a qualified remodeler who can take on your project within a reasonable timeframe. Things haven’t gotten any easier over the past few months.
From the homeowner’s perspective, this has made for a frustrating environment. We’ve heard the horror stories.
For instance, you might call five contractors and not get a single call back. Or if one does call you back, they can’t schedule an appointment for a couple months. Actually starting the project? That might not be possible for a year.


A 22-Person Team
We understand why most general contractors can’t be as responsive as they’d like these days: They simply don’t have enough people on staff to keep up with the rising demand.
At Custom, we’re in a much better position than most of our competitors to deliver great customer service in today’s environment. Our 22-person team includes 11 carpenters along with an in-house painter — a bigger production crew than you’ll find with most remodeling firms in the area.

We augment our in-house production team with a network of trusted trade partners, including specialty carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, tile installers, plasterers, excavators and framers. These are topnotch professionals who have worked extensively for us and whom we trust to meet our high standards.

Operating out of our headquarters in Arlington Heights, members of our office staff help with scheduling initial meetings, estimating and planning projects, designing kitchens and  baths, making product selections, addressing ad hoc client needs, and so much more.

We’ve built our business on a simple premise: When you provide outstanding service, clients tend to stick with you for the long haul. So whether you’re a prospective client looking to discuss a new project or an old client calling to request a small repair, you’ll hear back from us quickly and enjoy a positive experience. That’s our commitment to you.