Are We a Fit for Each Other?

At Custom, we don’t see ourselves as salespeople. We’re not here to sell you our home remodeling services. Rather, starting with our initial interaction, we’re focused on determining whether we’re a fit for you and your project — and whether you and your project are a fit for us. It’s a totally different mindset than that of the typical salesperson.


Suppose you’re calling us for the first time to discuss a project. Someone from our office will ask you about things like types of services needed, desired timeline and perhaps approximate budget. Based on criteria like that, we determine whether we might be able to help you out.


If the answer is yes, one of us (Bill or Scott) will meet with you to dig a little deeper. We’ll want to see your home, learn more about what you want to accomplish and get to know you a bit.


During this first meeting, we can typically provide a decent idea of what the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. This is important because some remodeling firms will spend a month or two preparing a budget that might turn out to be far more than you were looking to spend. And that’s just a waste of time for the homeowner.


Why can we provide this information so much faster? Because we’ve been in business for 28 years and can leverage a great deal of historical data from similar projects in our portfolio. So right away, both sides have a feel for whether there might be a fit.


If we’re in alignment on projected cost and schedule, then one of us will begin writing a project specification. This detailed document provides step-by-step instructions on how we’ll complete your project and includes information such as total budget, payment schedule and timetable.


Sometimes clients approve the project specification with barely an edit. Other times, it has to go through rounds of revisions. Ultimately, this document will serve as the basis for a contract should you decide to hire Custom for the work.


At each step leading to that point, however, we always come back to the same question: Are we a fit for you, and are you a fit for us? As long as the answer is “yes,” there’s a good chance the relationship will work out.

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